Following the retirement of John Hammond (Engraver) in 2011, Duncan Vickers (a man who trained under and worked with John since 1988) took over the business.

With workmanship rarely seen in today's modern world Duncan still offers the skill, talent and attention to detail that John Hammond Engravers was known for.

Duncan Vickers

Clients from all across the country use Duncan for his high quality hand engraving services, which include:

  • Inscriptions on jewellery, glass and giftware
  • Detailed monograms and cyphers on signet rings, cufflinks, pocketwatches etc
  • Beautiful ornamental carving on wedding rings and engagement rings
  • Heraldic engraving - the rare art of hand engraved crests, seals and coats of arms

To view examples of these services, visit the online gallery.

"I continue to enjoy the privilege of keeping alive the skills of traditional hand engraving." - Duncan Vickers.

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